is waiting to emerge?

What part of you

Claim your right to take up space.

Unfurl yourself.

Santa Fe psychotherapist

innermost, authentic self.

Follow the spiral to your

Santa Fe psychotherapist working with teens

new parts of us to live.

makes room for


our closest

even in

of us to die

Allowing a part

Santa Fe psychotherapist working with teens

Winter 2024 Psychedelic Studies Course Offering


Fall 2023 Psychedelic Studies Course Offering

You can now register for my upcoming class (which is Sept 30-Oct 1 over zoom) at Southwestern College New Earth Institute: THE PSYCHEDELIC MOVEMENT: PIONEERS IN THE HISTORY, RESEARCH,…

Summer 2023 in Psychedelic Studies

I wanted to let you know that the registration link for my summer course is posted now on the Southwestern College website:  Emerging Trends in Psychopharmacology: Ethical use of Psychedelics and Other Substances used to treat…
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Working with internalized racialized identity

I cannot speak for others, however, I will speak for myself. As a second-generation Chinese-American female, the Asian hate crimes were upsetting initially mostly because I worried about the safety of my mother and other Asians (friends,…
Santa Fe psychotherapist
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Interoceptive Awareness - Getting past the story

I am currently in the process of taking an mPEAK meditation course (meditation for peak performance) with Kate Reynolds in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and one resource she shared with our class was on interoceptive awareness. "Interoceptive awareness…
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Shame Resilience Groups for teens and adults - in April 2018

Join me for an adult or teen group in April 2018! Click here for more information.

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